Our approach is: the programs we offer do not contain tools and informations that cannot be applied the next day already.
While playing we form teams without noticing.
Games and work are not opposite concepts. The opposite concept of work and playing is boredom.
In a resonant organization there is less conflict, more co-operation and it is easier to navigate within.
We support successful changes and development by effective and modern measurings.


For those organizations, who believe that
the core element of their competitiveness lies within
their people being highly motivated and capable of a high
degree co-operation and continuous development.
Aquilone Training Ltd.
is a partner, who can offer complex organizational
development solutions,by focusing on the true issues, works
with modern and anthropocentric tools and takes
full responsibility for the outcome.

Zsuzsanna Toldi and Ákos Szörényi managers

Our Team



Leadreship Development

What do we know about the effect of Leadership?
According to researches done by Goleman, Boyatzis and Mckee:
  • Barely 20% of the leaders have any impact on their employees.
  • Regarding 30% of relevant cases people address low quality leadership as the reason for their resignation.
  • 20-30% of the performance of an organization depends on their leadership culture and working atmosphere.
  • Those corporations who applied resonant/transformative leadership cultures, have exceeded their yearly income expectations by 20%.
Transformative/resonant Leadership

  • Leaders are expected to have a pursuit of financial performance by the company owners.
  • The main leadership elements were collected and written down by Gary Yukl based on the leadership-theory researches of the past 30 years. He came to the conclusion that all successful leaders are aware of and are able to manage in balance the 3 key components of successful leading: task-contact-change.
  • One of the most important aspects of leadership is the relationship between the leader and his or her employees. Research results have proven that the success of leadership is more likely to rely on emotional intelligence competencies rather than cognitive ones.

Organizational Development

The discovery and the ability of reorganization of internal resources gives such an experience to the members of the organization, that can provide a long term momentum and security regarding a secure operation.
„There is countless evidence that proves that the actual practice of organizational leadership leads to economical, social and political problems.These issues cannot be overcome by “minor reparations”.We need to achieve changes in 5 fields, for the organization to operate by taking the employees needs into consideration and to have a positive impact on them.”

(Steve Denning)

Co-operational Development

For human kind co-operation is a basic urge. However this seems to be one of the most challenging factor in work environments due to routine reactions, false understanding of interests and avoided or overreacted conflicts. Good relations and working together inspires, brings joy, energizes and leads to success.
Those people can co-operate who:

  • are able to share their knowledge with their colleagues,
  • trust that their colleagues will share their knowledge with them,
  • are able to keep the frame of a job/project,
  • are able to stand out in case they are unable to carry out a task they have undertaken within commonly set boundaries,
  • are brave enough to ask questions if they think or feel that they lack information to fulfill a task successfully,
  • are aware of the fact that if they do not express their concerns, it can jeopardize the successful operation of the whole organization,
  • ask for help if needed.

Corporational Gamification

Gamification is an approach that is based on game psychology. This tool can provide joy-based solutions for learning and change processes and it can motivate the process of performing “disliked tasks” or routine tasks. This solution can vary from gamified piano-staircases which make people more willing to use stairs instead of escalators, to gamified web surfaces or applications. We give our partners gamified support along with our development processes.

Through gamification, game-mechanics can have a supportive role regarding knowledge sharing and revealing actions that have a favorable effect on reception, motivation and commitment.


Sales 3.0™- resonant sales

Sales can only be successful if the partner/costumer can build a good relationship with the sales person because his or her attention and communication is credible. Only a sales person can behave accordingly who comes from a safe work environment. This means that the sales person is provided with professional support and works in a resonant team that is ready for knowledge sharing.

The leader of such a team is incentive and who can create a supportive environment for his or her sales team.

Regarding sales, it is also an important factor how non-sales departments of an organization relate to the sales persons. It is essential that the whole organization understands, accepts and supports sales activities in a favorable manner.

Skill- Development

  • Emotion Recognition – reading facial expressions
  • Conflict Management
  • Storytelling
  • Energizing, stress management
Emotional Recognition

Reading and understanding facial expressions, mimics and non-verbal signs in human communication are essential, especially in certain fields of work situations. The reason behind this is that “the body speaks” sooner than the mouth, before any action has been taken. This know-how makes it possible for us to adjust our actions and communication to situations.

Aquilone Measurments

One key priority during our work is to support our partners with proper measurement techniques and results. Applying the Aquilone Measurements we can easily specify our partners' needs. Based on the results we create achievable success-criterions and supervise our joint work with the client, we post-check the results.

With the help of our own questionnaire-engine, we can create an unlimited variety of online questionnaires from culture, employee engagement to any problem research in an assignment.


2013. HR CAFÉ 2. PLACE

In 2013 Groupama Granacia Insurance Co selected Aquilone's Leadership-Development program. The core of the project was Resonant Leadership and being a Resonant Leader. Groupama Insurance's CEO Yann Ménetrier, about our project and cooperation:

"The first results appeared after around 6 months at the middle management level, in the quality of the management meetings, the huge improvement of trust and cooperation needed in the various project in force in the company. I would add also that during the last quarter of last year we improved much more than expected the business for the first time since oktober 2008 when I joined Hungary."
(Yann Ménetrier, Groupama Insurance, chief executive)

(Yann Ménetrier, Groupama Insurance, chief executive)


The principles of our Leadership Succession Planning Program were the following:

  • Top management had to participate in the process as one united team.
  • Participants came mostly from the middle management level, so it was essential for the two levels of management to build a joint platform of close personal relationship as well.
  • The work done within the program was always dealing with real issues and situations.
  • Freedom of choice was given throughout the program.
  • Participants in the mentor program had to face exciting challenges supporting their development.


Our webshop is a special and effective tool that can assist fellow trainer colleagues in their work. We give situation exercises and games with detailed descriptions, role cards, resource descriptions and supporting documents to help the trainer to successfully perform these exercises. At the end of the trainer description there is a questionnaire to support participants reflecting on their game experiences. By clicking this link, you can access Aquilone Webshop, helping internal trainers with interesting games and exercises.


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